Wood Stove Replacement
Currently, the old wood burning stove that sat between the two doors in the back of the Rock Church, is being replaced.  Over the years, the interior cast iron grate had cracked and broke.  It became unsafe to use, yet the stove added a touch of the "old days" to the historic church. It was a Cole's - Hot Blast No. 247 stove.
A replacement stove was located in Blanchardville, WI.  It is pictured below at the time of purchase.  Currently, the "new" Radiant Stewart No. 72 parlor stove, which was built by Fuller-Warren in Milwaukee, WI,  is being cleaned, sand blasted, painted and reassembled.  It is anticipated that the stove will be installed prior to Memorial Day 2019.
Stewart Stove set in Rock Church.
Stewart Stove being cleaned.